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Requirements: WordPress 5.4 or Higher, PHP 7.4 or Higher
Current Version: 1.0

RestroPress - Time Based Menu Extension

Enhance your restaurant’s menu flexibility and improve customer experience with the RestroPress - Time Based Menu Extension. This innovative extension allows you to set specific food categories for specific time schedules, ensuring that the right menu items are available at the right times. Perfect for managing breakfast, lunch, dinner, and special menus, this extension ensures your customers always have access to the best your restaurant has to offer.

Key Features

1. Flexible Menu Scheduling:
- Set different food categories to be available at specific times of the day.
- Easily manage breakfast, lunch, dinner, and special event menus with precise scheduling.

2. Dynamic Menu Display:
- Automatically update the menu based on the time of day, displaying only the relevant categories to customers.
- Enhance the user experience by showing only the available options, reducing confusion and improving order accuracy.

3. Seamless Integration:
- Fully integrates with your existing RestroPress system, ensuring smooth and consistent user experience.
- Synchronize with other RestroPress extensions for a cohesive and efficient restaurant management solution.

4. Easy Configuration:
- User-friendly interface allows you to set up and manage time-based menus quickly and efficiently.
- No technical expertise required—configure your menu schedules with just a few clicks.

5. Real-Time Updates:
- Automatically update the menu in real-time as the scheduled time changes, ensuring your customers always see the correct menu options.
- Reduce the risk of ordering errors and improve kitchen efficiency.

7. Enhanced Customer Experience:
- Provide a tailored dining experience by offering menus that match the time of day and customer preferences.
- Increase customer satisfaction and repeat visits by ensuring the right items are available at the right times.

8. Promotional Opportunities:
- Create time-limited offers and specials to drive sales during specific periods.
- Highlight seasonal items or special promotions during targeted time slots.

Benefits for Your Restaurant

- Improved Menu Management:
Easily manage and update your menus based on time-specific needs without manual intervention.
- Increased Efficiency:
Reduce order errors and streamline kitchen operations by displaying only available items.
- Enhanced Customer Satisfaction:
Provide a better dining experience with menus that align with customer expectations and preferences.
- Flexible Promotions:
Drive sales and attract more customers with time-based promotions and special offers.
- Operational Control:
Gain greater control over your menu offerings, ensuring the best items are always available when they’re most needed.


Upgrade your restaurant’s menu management today with the RestroPress - Time Based Menu Extension and provide your customers with a dynamic and tailored dining experience.


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You must log in and be a buyer of this download to submit a review.

Version 1.0

*Initial version released

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