With the RestroPress  Pre-Order plugin, you can reserve your favorite products before they hit the shelves. Get ahead of the crowd and enjoy these benefits:

Early Access: Secure exclusive access to upcoming releases.
Guaranteed Availability: Ensure you get the desired products, even for limited-edition items.
Zero FOMO: Say goodbye to the fear of missing out—your order is locked in.
Convenient Shopping: Skip the rush and have your items delivered hassle-free.

The RestroPress Whatsapp Order plugin serves as an extension to the well-known food ordering platform, RestroPress. With this plugin, administrators gain the capability to receive orders through WhatsApp. To enable this functionality, the admin is required to possess a WhatsApp Business account, and the associated number must be configured within the plugin's settings.

This plugin is very useful for the users to fill the order details forms with the Address autocomplete process so that they will not need to give the details for every input field one by one.

This plugin uses Google Map API integration, so to use this plugin you must have a valid Google Map API Key.

**Third-Party Service Usage:**
This plugin relies on the Google Maps API service to provide address autocomplete functionality. By using this plugin, you acknowledge and agree to the terms of use and privacy policy of the Google Maps API service.

* [Google Maps API](https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/get-api-key)
* [Google Maps API Terms of Use](https://developers.google.com/maps/terms)
* [Google Privacy & Terms](https://policies.google.com/privacy)

A sliding cart is a compact, visually unobtrusive interface element found in e-commerce platforms. Initially hidden or minimized, it smoothly slides into view upon user interaction, revealing the contents of the shopping cart or order. This design optimizes space and provides a seamless user experience while shopping.

The RestroPress - Menu Cart plugin is useful for RestroPress users who want to show a cart menu on the header.

Available features:
- You can change the cart icon image by choosing the available icon option.
- Setting option provided to show cart quantity with cart total price.
- Manage to show the cart icon as per whether the cart value is empty or not.

Note:- To view the cart menu, you must have a Primary menu. If you have not created any primary menu then Go through this setting path Appearance -> Menu -> Here you need to create a new menu and set that as Primary menu.

RestroPress - User APP extension provides the best user experience for your customers.
By using this extension your customer can able to place the order by using our restropress user app which is available for Both Android and iPhone devices.
If you want to make the white label for the user app then you can contact us through the live chat or create a ticket through our support ticket form.


User app screenshots



By using this extension you can add the quantity features for your add-ons.
To enable the addon quantity feature you need to activate the extension and after that go to Food Items -> Addons -> Here you need to edit your required parent addon and enable the quantity feature for the addons available under this particular addon category.

Now your customers can able to make the addon orders as per their required quantity.





RestroPress KDS App

Outfit your kitchen with the business's most durable all-in-one kitchen display system (KDS)!
RestroPress KDS App is a simple and beautiful Kitchen Display System that converts your restaurant management, running easier and smarter. Use KDS App in your store/restaurant to manage multiple orders seamlessly by digitalizing your kitchen. It helps restaurant owners to improve restaurant efficiency, optimize the kitchen workflows, and speed of service, avoiding inaccuracies.

Make use of the Kitchen Display System App and automate your restaurant backend today!




RestroPress Driver APP Extension allows you to use Restropress Driver App. It provides you with the information that is required to start the App. You will be able to generate the required API key using the extension.

Benefits of using RestroPress Driver APP Extension:

-  Admin can able to Manage your delivery persons by adding their names and identity details.
- Also able to assign the orders to the particular delivery person through the admin.
- Admin can Provide our Restropress Driver app to the Delivery persons to get their assigned order notifications and also they will be able to see their delivery destination and customer info details through the app.
- Restropress Driver app is available for free in the Android play store and Apple app store.
- Admin can able to track the delivery persons through the wp-admin panel.


RestroPress – Rewards Extension will provide the feature to avail the reward points to the customers as per their purchase amount. Also, you can add the Reward points restriction for the particular food items and categories as per your requirements.

RestroPress - Rewards enables you to provide loyalty points to your customers for their purchases. The points can be redeemed for discounts on their future purchases. It helps you to create repeat purchases from the customers and helps to build customer loyalty.

You can set the number of points you want to award to your customers for each $1 purchase and you can also set the amount the point is worth.

For example, you can set one point that could be equivalent to $1 or $10 or any other value you want to set. The customers can build their point balance and they can choose to redeem on the checkout page for a discount.




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