RestroPress introduces you to Table Ordering System, Dinein allows to Click & Collect from a single platform. 
Online table ordering system offers you a contactless ordering making it more safe & secure.

How it works

Steps to order food with RestroPress DineIn

1. Scan QR Code

Customers can scan the QR Code which you can keep on each table of your restaurant.

2. Add items to cart

Upon scanning the QR Code it will open up your DineIn menu on their phone and they can add to cart and place order.

3. Payment

Customers can pay for the order when placing the order if you integrate with some online payment provider.

4. Restaurant serves the food

After payment the restaurant can accept and serve the order to the customer.

Scan QR Code To
Place order

Go Contactless and forget physical menu, use RestroPress DineIn!

QR Ordering helps restaurant during this pandemic situation by providing the customers with digital version of their menu also helps them to cut costs by minimising the number of staffs needed in the restaurant. It also helps to follow the social distancing.

Easier for restaurants to serve food

RestroPress DineIn makes it easier for restaurants to take DineIn orders and it reduces chances of wrong ordering. Customers also get a realtime update of their order time with the help of a countdown timer which informs them the time approximate time it will take to prepare the order.

Key Features

A Functionality without Features is like a Food without Taste. 
Dinein has been specially designed for restaurants that would make the ordering process more easier and quicker. It offers functionality as per Business’s changing needs.

Scan QR Code

Now ordering at a restaurant is more safe than ever. Your Customers can easily scan QR Code available on their table using their device. Accessing the menu and placing the order is now contactless.

Menu Management

Dinein makes it easier for you to manage your Restaurant’s Menu Online with our easy to access food menu by just scanning. It provides you with all the ways to make your customer more comfortable for ordering.

Summon Waiter

Now, waiting is no more the only option.Your Customers can easily approach the waiters for any addition or modification in their order, based on their requirements.  The waiter is now just a click away.

Subscription monthly / yearly


  • Mobile APP to manage orders
  • Unlimited Products and Orders
  • Unlimited QR Code Generator
  • Suports online & offline payments
  • Table/Umbrella Ordering
  • 1 Month License


  • Mobile APP to manage orders
  • Unlimited Products and Orders
  • Unlimited OR Code Generator
  • Supports online & offline payments
  • Table/Umbrella Management
  • 1 Year License

Scan the QR Code to Preview

Scan the following QR Code to preview the menu and test the DineIn ordering process. The QR Code stores the Table number so when the order is placed the table number is sent to the Restaurant so that they can deliver the food to the table.

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